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Growing pains.

Added on March 25, 2016 by admin

    For the last few months, Wall to Wall has been thinking of expanding. As many of you may know, we not only specialize in flooring installation, but also in kitchen and bathroom remodels, and we have become proficient at all of these. The question we have been asking ourselves is, " Have we outgrown our space?" The answer is, yes, we have; and while moving from our new showroom is out of the question, expanding the space we have inside our showroom isn't.

    The purpose we have in expanding our showroom space is simple: we want to offer more to the purchasing public, and we want to do that comfortably. The existing space that we have to renovate in order to make this space comes from our current warehouse, and all this week we have been moving our products from our current warehouse, to another one that we just recently acquired; thus the process of expansion has begun.

    Rack by rack, pallet by pallet, our warehouse is slowly transforming into the space we need it to be; a kitchen and bath showcase area. When completed, Wall to Wall will have more flooring products spread over a larger space, and a large section of the store designated specifically for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects; as this part of our business is booming. Customer after customer, our kitchen and bathroom projects are growing in number; and no matter the size of the project, we don't turn a job away. We value our client base, take pride in the work that we accomplish, and are grateful to serve our community.

    We at Wall to Wall have been in business since 2001, and we have begun to make our mark in our surrounding cities. A floor at a time, our flooring operation has gained enough traction to move into other areas of remodel including kitchens and bathrooms. From small showers to custom kitchens, our level of involvement in home renovation has jumped, and our experience in performing these renovations has as well. The more we do, the better we become at that particular function; and now bathroom and kitchen remodels have become a trophy area of what we do here at Wall to Wall. 

    When change becomes a necessity and you can't hold out any longer, be smart about where you go to purchase what you need. I suggest Wall to Wall not just because I work here, but because I know the product we have, the quality of those products, and the quality of the workmanship of the installers we use to install the products you purchase from us. Here at Wall to Wall, we don't just want to make a profit, we want to leave a landmark. So when you want to experience quality workmanship, and pride in a job well done, make some space for yourself to swing into Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring center."


Why should I carrara?

Added on March 18, 2016 by admin

    Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed, continually writing subheading after subheading when it comes to flooring. There are so many facets to this industry that it's easy to get lost in the smallest details about any one subject; so consider this blog another turn in the labyrinth of flooring.

    All too often customers walk into our Altamonte Springs showroom wanting carrara marble, but not at the carrara marble cost. Many customers aren't familiar with what the cost of taking on a flooring project will actually be. Somebody saw something in someone's house and they want what they have, others just want a new floor, both as ignorant as the other about the cost. I don't mean to bash anyone, it's just the way this industry works. People just don't realize the cost of a flooring project until they take one on; and sometime the cost can start to make your eyes start to change color to what I call dollar green; however all hope is not lost.

    These days, people are starting to fall back onto former trends, calling them "retro." This is, in the words of Wreck it Ralph, "...old but cool," and carrara marble is no exception. With tile taking different shapes, sizes, and looks, it's a good idea that several tile companies have begun to make carrara marble looking porcelain tile. Carrara marble is a style that never fades; and the good news is that now due to it's porcelain look alike, you can have the look of carrara marble at a fraction of the cost. This take on a the classic style will increase the value of your home, and will increase your appreciation for budget friendly alternatives; particularly when it comes to carrara marble.

     It never ceases to amaze me how many people will stop and look at a porcelain tile made to resemble carrara marble, even if they're in our showroom looking for wood looking tile. A timeless classic will always be in style, and due to the number of customers who point out the fact that they've seen a carrara marble tile while they're browsing here, they know a timeless classic when they see one. From renaissance sculptures, to home flooring, carrara marble continues to make a statement about elegance and class. Just because you walk on something; doesn't make it less valuable; in the case of carrara marble, it's just the opposite. 

    Whether genuine marble, or porcelain tile, the look of carrara marble is simply lovely. It's an eye-catching natural stone that is popular world wide. It's been known for it's beauty since ancient Rome, and even comes from quarries in the northermost part of Tuscany in Italy. For thousands of years, carrara marble has stood the test of time, and now it can even be installed in your home; so whether you're a lover of ancient tradition, or just like what you have seen, stop by our showroom and take a look at what we have to offer. Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring center."


To bathe or not to bathe

Added on March 10, 2016 by admin

    Well, which is it? Bathtub or no? That's the question that seems to continue to arise with all the kitchen and bath remodels home owners are doing these days. People are starting to steer away from traditional bathrooms and eliminating bathtubs from the scope of their home decor. I understand that part of the fun of life if the fact that you can experience and participate in what comes along as "trendy," and I advocate many different trends, but when is enough enough?

    A few weeks ago, my wife and I took a trip to beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We rented a cozy cabin in the mountains and curled up during the snowy nights when it seemed like a soft white blanket covered the ground. Like the modern trend, the bathroom in our quaint cabin lacked a bathtub; and if it weren't for the jacuzzi size bath tub in the open layout of the cabin outside the bathroom, we would have had a problem. A bathtub may not be a necessity for everyone, but for my wife and I, it most certainly is.

    As I wrote earlier, I like utilizing new trends, however this new "modern" trend that leaves bathtubs curbside instead of in the bathroom seems to be going a little too far; bathtubs just seem to practical to me. Are their children in your home? A bathtub comes in handy. Is your home an investment that you may want to eventually sell? You might want to keep your tub. DO YOU LIKE TO TAKE BATHS? You might want to reconsider your designers' modern creative tendencies and leave your bathtub in your bathroom.

    As a man, I'm not a huge fan of baths by candle light, or reading while in the tub. That just leads to a half empty bathtub, a cold shiver, and a wet book. I am, however, familiar with the idea of just taking a nice hot bath after a long day. It's soothing to unwind and let your head just soak in the still warm water as you close you eyes and let the back of your head hit bottom of the tub. Peaceful, and calm, the warm water seems to rejuvenate and relax you into a place where you can make it through the rest of your day with a second wind. This perk is reason enough to keep a bathtub around. Your bathtub may not get used everyday, but you'll miss it when it's gone.

    Like the 1980's dreaded perm, this new fad will surely fade away. Leave your home its resale value and sell-able attributes and leave your bathtub where it belongs; in the bathroom. A bathtub may not be reason enough to purchase a home, but it's definitely a reason not to; and giving potential purchasers a reason not to purchase your home if you're trying to sell is the exact opposite of what you want. And as I said before, if you want to go with that new modern trend without your tub, beware. You'll find that you used it enough to miss it. Trends are fun, but some you'll find can come around to bite you later on, and this one seems to be a butt-biter. If you're in the market for a new bathroom and you want to make the most of your money, swing into Wall to Wall and talk to somebody who actually knows what they're talking about. We'll stretch your dollar and give you an original look without compromising practicality. So come into Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring center," today.


The 80's all over again

Added on March 3, 2016 by admin

    From large frame glasses, to midriffs, to neon colors, the 1980's have come back to haunt the living that are trying to forget the negative stereotypes that emerged along side the few positive ones. If, for example, I say the word "perm," a fairy just lost it's wings. Thankfully, perms, overalls, and over sized shoulder pads haven't found their way into this day and age; and one can only hope that this generation will learn from the past. Still, flooring trends and home decor seem to be 80's friendly without compromising good taste.

    As previously mentioned, neon colors are exploding onto the canvases of America's pallet some 30 years after the dreadful 1980's  fashion fiasco; only this time, the colors are being controlled. In contemporary spaces, it isn't unheard of to see a bright color splashed on the wall, or interwoven into a throw rug. In my own home, my wife has put highlights of the color mint to liven up our tan carpeted, cream colored, neutral home, and a little color goes a long way. In the same way that Disney has thousands of "hidden Mickey's" around their parks, hotels, and other properties, there is a theme of "hidden mint" throughout our home; and it makes the space our own. 

    When different customers ask the same question when they come into our showroom, "What will outlast current trends?" it make you reflect on what the current trends actually are. The fact is, there is a classic look that will always stay when trends fade out, but where is the fun in that? Life is supposed to be full of excitement and change; not just neutral colors with no accents to them. That's just about as exciting as a well done filet mignon that hasn't been seasoned. When does movement come into a stagnant space? When does the home you just bought become YOUR home?

    Chances are, if you are reading this, you aren't Amish, so I can freely state that COLOR IS GOOD. I know that concept in today's cream colored market may be a bit terrifying, but that doesn't mean that you have to paint every wall in your home a different color of the rainbow. You can keep those main neutral tones and add highlights of color here and there along the way to your desired design destination. Have you been dying to get a new carpet? You can keep your neutral look and still have some character to it by purchasing a multi-colored carpet. Have you thought about painting an accent wall? Go to your local Wal Mart and pick out a color pallet and find something that will tie your home together creatively. You don't have to be rich to do something different, just try to think outside the box; and if you need some help, start with pinterest and go from there.

    In closing, there are some modern trends that can be tied into classic looks to make something truly outstanding. If you take some time to figure out what you want, and how you're going to accomplish that look, you won't be sorry for it. Make your space your own, starting from the floor up; and remember, the only one keeping you from your desired home design is you; so make some time this week and moonwalk your way into Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring center."


Arnold isn't the first oak.

Added on February 26, 2016 by admin

    Long before the Terminator was even a gleam in his father's eye, oak tress were making their way through people's homes as floor coverings; hence the title of this blog. Nicknamed "the Austrian Oak" in his bodybuilding days, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a few commonalities with oak wood flooring. Unfortunately, the "timeless" attribute that comes with the tree is not one that comes with the former body builder.

    First, if you are wondering if I am a Schwarzenegger fan, let me ask you this: are you kidding? Who isn't? Now that we're past that we can continue to discuss the topic on hand. Oak flooring, just like the actor, is solid. Rated from 1290-1390 lbs on the Janka Hardness scale depending on the species, oak flooring sets the pace for all other hardwood floors. Other woods might be rated on the Janka scale, but a foundational cornerstone for what the hardness of what a wood flooring should be is marked at oak. It's just a good, tough floor.

    Next, in the same way that even in his political career Arnold was unable to stay from the occasional cameo, oak flooring just keeps popping up. Your exotic floors like Brazillian cherry or African teak are becoming more popular, it's true, but oak floors are still the foremost selling hardwood flooring surfaces to date. Modern trends might say, "Acacia is in," but longevity says, "Oak is it."

    Lastly, oak floors, like the actor, last longer than you'd expect. As I previously mentioned, modern trends may come and go, but after all is said and done, what lasts is what is considered "classic." Oak floors have been around for decades, and modern trend or not, they will outlast every other "in" product; after all, if something is old, it's not old anymore, it's vintage, retro, or fashionable.

    So after the acacia has evaporated, and the Brazillian cherry has been deported, count on your oak flooring surface to be around. It's a good product that you can find at a reasonable price. Mr. Schwarzenegger aside, oak planks truly do make up a timeless classic flooring surface. It has the character and strength to last the life span of your family's home. So when you make the time, swing into Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring center," and take a look at some of our oaks. 


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