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Syrup you can walk on.

Added on October 8, 2015 by admin

    I enjoy the thought of warm maple syrup. The smell of it is amazing. It's delicious on freshly made buttermilk pancakes or french toast. Together, the combination fills your stomach, leaving you fat and happy. The best part about it? Now, you can walk on some.....sort of.

    While organizing some products in our showroom, I came across something that stood out to me. I paused to get a better look at what was a dark brown, black current, deep red, Maple floor product. Nuvelle Flooring makes a beautiful hardwood floor, and their Blowing Rock Collection is no exception. Maple Midnight made me stop in my tracks, and is one of the most beautiful flooring surfaces I have ever seen; and while am normally not a huge fan of dark wood floors, this particular product tops the short list of dark flooring surfaces that I would consider buying for my own home.

    As I said previously, I don't particularly care for dark hardwood floor. I normally prefer a medium brown hardwood, without too much variation in grain and knots; still when I noticed Maple Midnight's sample board sitting in its place, I had to stop. My pause at this particular product was an unexpected, pleasant surprise; so much so that when I saw it, I knew it was going to be the focus of my next blog. 

    Maple hardwood is an interesting species. It is used to make bowling pins, baseball bats, and even archery bows due to it's strength and stiffness. It's even the preferred wood to make butcher blocks. In short, maple is just a solid, hard surface; and if you're in the market for a hardwood floor, you might want to look up what's called the Janka Hardness Scale, which simply rates the hardness of wood. From California Redwood, to Brazilian Ebony; if you're looking for a hardwood surface for your home, you'll find out how much weight it can take with this scale. 

    What I thought was most interesting while looking up Maple, is that the part of the tree that produces syrup, is the same part that is harvested to produce hardwood floors. To me, that's just plain cool. A tree that is most widely known for the production of delicious, golden syrup, has been used to make a flooring product that is harder than Walnut, American Cherry, and even Oak. "Who knew, right?" The only question that remains is: Aunt Jamima, Log Cabin, or Maple Grove Farms All Natural?

    All bad jokes aside, if you're looking for a flooring surface with depth and richness, look no further; Nuvelle's Maple Midnight is a winner. If you're not sure what you're looking for, but like the sound of what you've just read, come in and take a look. Our showroom is open from 8am-5pm weekdays, and from 9am-4pm on Saturdays. Remember, you can afford having a dark floor in your home if you have lighter walls to keep the space from looking smaller than what it really is; and as much as I'd like to say it doesn't matter, the color of your furniture also plays an important role when choosing a flooring option. A dark cherry wood floor in a room with grey walls and a lime green couch will look awful. I'm not telling you to paint the walls of your home white and buy new furniture; I'm saying you should consider everything in the room you want to replace flooring in.  What color is the furniture in that room? What are color are the picture frames and other decor? What color are the walls? Will the flooring option you're considering tie well into the rest of the house? Whatever you're looking to do, the right combination of color and design, can create a warm and welcoming environment to any home.

    At the end of the day, the style you want for your home is up to you. Don't settle for something less, and be smart with what you have. Furniture is movable and decor is changeable; and while flooring is replaceable, the expense is MUCH greater. So take your time in choosing what you're going to walk on daily. Choose carefully, choose wisely, and swing into Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring center."



Added on September 28, 2015 by admin

    A few months ago, the owners here at Wall to Wall decided to make some changes; they decided that it was time for some upgrades. In our showroom, we already have a vast amount of sample boards, mounted on several displays from various companies; and while we take pride in our displays, we also know when it's time to roll some things out, and put some new things in. 

    Between Naturally Aged Flooring, Mirage Hardwood Flooring, Armstrong, Mohawk, and The R.A. Siegel Companies Private Label, we have a newly updated selection of beautiful hardwood floors. From birch, to acacia, be it hand scraped or smooth, we have a fantastic selection. All of the above mentioned companies may be competitors, but Wall to Wall carries all of them; and we take pride in the products we present. Why are we beefing up our selection? To be frank, it was just time. 

    As many of you are aware, flooring options discontinue; it's just what happens. A product may be too glossy. The trees that were once harvested to create flooring options have become too scarce and can no longer be cropped. Trends that were once booming, are now dying down; and the list goes on. If we, or any company for that matter, want to stay useful to our surrounding communities, change is necessary. This is why we constantly update our products; and seeing as how hardwood floors are of great interest, we sorted through our showroom, changed some things around, and added some beautiful collections.

    While the purpose of this blog is to bring you up to date on our new hardwood flooring options,  there are some things to keep in mind when looking for your next hardwood floor. First, don't let online photos get the better of you. They can be deceiving. Come into our showroom, pick out a few options, and take home some samples so you can see them in your home's natural light. This doesn't mean you shouldn't look at some pictures of different flooring options, just don't assume that what you saw online is exactly what you're going to see in person. 

    Second, do some research. Figure out what kind of flooring that you want, and look it up; just don't get lost in too much detail. While part of the idea of sales is to educate customers, it will be better in the long run to have some knowledge about different flooring options. Better to have some questions that need answering, than have none at all. That fact that you have some information and an idea of what you want, will help the salesman help you find what will best suit your needs. 

    Lastly, remember, if you can't, you can't. Money isn't everything, but be practical when you're deciding on flooring. If you really want a hardwood floor but don't have the money for it yet, save a little longer. Flooring is a major overhaul and is fairly costly. If you don't want a floor that you're going to hate after it's been installed, wait for what it is you want and don't settle. Little by little, dollar by dollar, you'll find that the right flooring for you is what you save for; so be practical, and swing by.

 Wall to Wall. We live to serve another day.


Who is this "acacia" person?

Added on September 10, 2015 by admin

    While modern trends travel the world and through the pages of all too many flooring magazines and television commercials, I prefer a different feel. Modern trends are nice and you can blend modern designs with classic home decor, but too much modern makes me a little uneasy. I like sci-fi movies just as much as the next guy, but sometimes, you need to draw a line; and this line, for me, would be made of acacia.

    What is acacia exactly? For the longest time I thought it was only a food group.  I've eaten acacia sorbet (which just so happens to be delicious); I've seen acacia concentrate (which makes a fantastic, healthy beverage); I even used to have a necklace that was made of acacia seeds. Still, these delicious treats are only a few of the many uses for what is essentially just a fruit producing tree that has over 1,300 species, and several different uses. So why am I writing about a fruit tree? Take a look at acacia hardwood flooring and see for yourself.

    Acacia hardwood is an exotic flooring material; but just because it's exotic doesn't mean it's expensive. Let's face it, price is a major determining factor when buying flooring; but the fact that acacia is reasonably priced, makes an "exotic" product, a practical choice for your next flooring project. It's a beautiful wood flooring that will last, as long as you maintain it; but sweeping hardwood floors with a standard household broom once every other week won't due. Every time we have a customer purchase a hardwood floor from us, we provide them with a cleaning kit; made up of a microfiber mop, an adjustable handle, as well as a lifetime supply of hardwood floor cleaner, for as long as you own the home that the floor has been installed in. Microfiber is an ideal material for cleaning hardwood floors; and combined with the lifetime supply of hardwood floor cleaner that we provide, you can expect hardwood acacia floors to last a long time.

    Acacia wood is a beautiful flooring material with quite a bit of variation in each plank; and like every hardwood surface, no 2 planks are identical. Acacia wood may not have the most variation among wood species, but there are definitely a lot of noticeable light to dark color contrasts. "Warm," would be the word I would use to describe acacia floors. I tend to think of a warm cup of coffee when I see acacia floors; not because acacia looks like coffee, but because of the spiraling color variations. If you've ever seen a cappuccino with froth setting on top instead of whipped cream that you can buy from your local grocery store, then you might have an idea of what I'm about to describe: acacia reminds me of when you stir in sugar into the froth topping of a cappuccino. While stirring in the sugar packet you just poured into your cappuccino, you see the feathery white froth, spiraling into a light, then medium, then dark brown color; ultimately changing the entire color and flavor of what you're drinking. The cappuccino that you purchased was warm, comforting, but now that you've added just the right amount of sugar and stirred in the froth, it's YOUR cappuccino; just like acacia floors. Acacia hardwood floors are warm, inviting, and but once you have them installed, they're yours. 

    Another fact about acacia hardwood is, while it's said to be a comfortable surface to walk on, it's also one of the sturdiest hardwoods on the market. This makes acacia even more appealing to homeowners, as these are important attributes for a flooring surface to have; especially a hardwood surface; although acacia isn't scratch proof. If you drop a sharp object on your newly installed acacia floor, or have dogs running through your home with untrimmed nails, you're going to have issues. HOWEVER, scratches and gauges can be easily repaired by purchasing a set of putty sticks from your local hardware store. 

    Lastly (and this is only a matter of opinion) acacia floors are just pretty. They bring a character that is too often easily overlooked. An open space with light cream colored walls and a medium brown acacia hardwood floor gives off a friendly, welcoming, and relaxing atmosphere, that will make you want to sit and relax while you enjoy your surroundings. So when you're looking for a new flooring surface, don't count acacia out; stop in our showroom and take a look around. Pick up a sample or two and bring them home. See what your home could look like with your new flooring options. Let the images swirl in your mind; and when you've decided, stop back in and let us handle things from there. You'll be glad you did.


I claim to reclaim!

Added on August 28, 2015 by admin

    In 1887, a young, 23 year old, married man, bought a plot of land in Northern Georgia. He and his 20 year old pregnant wife set out to establish their home, and the man began the process of building what ends up becoming a beautiful, two story home. Next, he built a barn to house the grain, cattle, and crops they grew on their acre of property. Wanting to keep their animals free to roam, the headstrong husband built a fence around the border of their property. As he built their property, the couple built their family. They had three wonderful children., and one by one, they all married and moved to establish their own families the same way their parents did. As time passes and the couple slowly aged, the the work load became too much for them to bear, and the once seemingly impervious husband, fell off the roof of the barn he had built. Overwhelmed and unable to hire a farm hand, the wife who became a widow couldn't keep up with the demands of farming, caring for the animals, cleaning her empty two story home, and keeping up with the maintenance issues that the barn and house had. Old and alone, this unfortunate woman had to make a difficult choice: was she to let the bank take the home she's had so many fond memories in? Should she struggle bring the aging property back to life and risk her own health? Or does she move in with her oldest son and daughter in law? As tears ran down her face, she decided to begin packing up as much as she could; heirlooms, pictures, china plates that belonged to her mother; everything she could. Then, in a flash, the house was empty. Decades passed. Weeds and bushes surrounding this once gem of a home grew uncontrollably, and each structure continued to be worn away. Eventually, the house was accidentally discovered. The hiker who stumbled across it made a few phone calls, and the property that was once a diamond in the rough, had a purpose again.

    If this story were real, the wood used to make the home, the barn, and the fence would be recycled and used to make a reclaimed wood floor. Some may say that a piece of history is being destroyed, but let me ask a question: would you rather that a 100 year old, abandoned home be torn down and the remnants be turned into mulch? Or would you rather have a piece of history be shared with another family? That is, in essence, what happens when a reclaimed floor is manufactured. You might see the nail holes that were made when one particular piece of wood you're walking on was used to build a beam in someone's factory; or if the floor was made from wine barrels, you might see the name of the bottling company on one of the wood planks. Each piece of wood tells it's own story, making the floor that each plank combines to create, truly unique. This isn't tree bulldozing and factory manufacturing. It's restoring a painting. You might be able to copy the picture of that painting and put it anywhere you want, but it takes time and care to restore something to it's original beauty. In a similar way, reclaimed wood floors will have the characteristics of what it was originally used for, and they will be restored to their original beauty.  I'm not "green fanatic," but to me, this sounds like a great idea.

    While this process may not be the final answer to the world's pollution problems, re-using materials that have already been harvested definitely helps. If we can recycle paper, plastic, and glass, we can recycle wood. I would like to pose a question, however: who in the world had the idea to break down and re-use wood homes and barns to make a flooring product? I mean honestly, who saw an old barn and thought to themselves, "Now that would look just perfect if it were on my floor at home,"? Whoever it was must have to love their craft and be an expert in the flooring or recycling industry; not to mention have a fantastic group of people working with them to help accomplish that fantastic feat, no matter what industry they are in.

   After all is said and done, the choice, as always, is up to you. Wall to Wall isn't a company that forces anything down anyone's throat, let alone the idea of recycling; but we do recycle here. The carpet and padding we remove from our customers homes is given to a company that recycles them; utilizing their materials and transforming them into other products, instead of letting them sit in a landfill. So if you're looking for "green" material, look no further; and if you're not, we have the right material for you too. Located in Altamonte Springs, we're here to help you get what you're looking for; so stop into Wall to Wall Flooring Specialists, Inc, "Your one stop flooring center."


"Who wants a (back) splash?"

Added on August 21, 2015 by admin

    If you remember centuries back into the 60's, you might recall a trend that started to take America by storm; the back splash. While I'm not old enough to remember who made the first one or where the idea came from, I do know this: back splashes are making waves in people's homes all over the country, and throughout the world. Why would such a thing be so popular? I can honestly say with great assurance, I can ask somebody....

    Just because I live in a certain level of ignorance to the reason for a particular item's popularity, doesn't mean that I have nothing to say on the matter; in fact, it's just the opposite. Back splashes are a nice touch to any home. Whether you have a standard mosaic or a funky design, back splashes can help give off the feel that you're looking for in your home; bringing everything together to the last detail. While the name itself gives the definition of what a back splash really is and how it should be used, don't underestimate the appeal these can have on even an already up-beat home. A "splash" of color in the background of it's setting, back splashes are selling like hotcakes. You can consider a yellow tie on a grey suit a back splash, or white wall tires on an 1960's corvette. Back splashes just add to the appeal of something by giving off a little character. 

    Primarily found in kitchens and used as borders in bathroom showers, back splashes help to create a unique feel to any home they are installed in. There are different companies that produce quality products, and while many products are similar, there are enough options to choose from, that even picky people will have a hard time sorting through them. There are variations between natural stone and glass, natural stone with glass and stainless steel (which is my favorite), all stone mosaics, colored glass mosaics, subway tiles, subway tiles with beveled edge back splashes, brick back splashes (these would look great in a rustic, country style kitchen), and many more to choose from. When did back splashes start making waves? I couldn't tell you; but they are popular, they are going to be around for a while, and we have a variety to choose from.

    When it comes to an intense project like a kitchen or bathroom renovation, most rarely want to add anything new into the mix; and when somebody does start to mention an addition, the first thing that I think of is, "Great. How much is this going to cost me?" While a not unreasonable reaction, it may be a bit narrow minded. Think about it, how often do you re-tile your bathroom, or replace old cabinets? It happens only a very few times in our lives; and thankfully so; but if you're spending the money more an overhaul like a kitchen or bathroom, back splashes aren't going to break the bank, and they'll look beautiful.

    Lastly, I'd just like to say that if you've already got a bathroom you love, leave it alone. If you have a kitchen that is perfect the way it is, don't try to fix what isn't broken; but if you think that there's room for more, give Wall to Wall a call. We'll work with you to the best of our ability. We'll show you what we have, let you look around, and if we can help you in your search for that missing piece in your home, we will. So swing into our showroom and take a look around. Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring center."


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