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Archives: October 2015

Syrup you can walk on.

Added on October 8, 2015 by admin

    I enjoy the thought of warm maple syrup. The smell of it is amazing. It's delicious on freshly made buttermilk pancakes or french toast. Together, the combination fills your stomach, leaving you fat and happy. The best part about it? Now, you can walk on some.....sort of.

    While organizing some products in our showroom, I came across something that stood out to me. I paused to get a better look at what was a dark brown, black current, deep red, Maple floor product. Nuvelle Flooring makes a beautiful hardwood floor, and their Blowing Rock Collection is no exception. Maple Midnight made me stop in my tracks, and is one of the most beautiful flooring surfaces I have ever seen; and while am normally not a huge fan of dark wood floors, this particular product tops the short list of dark flooring surfaces that I would consider buying for my own home.

    As I said previously, I don't particularly care for dark hardwood floor. I normally prefer a medium brown hardwood, without too much variation in grain and knots; still when I noticed Maple Midnight's sample board sitting in its place, I had to stop. My pause at this particular product was an unexpected, pleasant surprise; so much so that when I saw it, I knew it was going to be the focus of my next blog. 

    Maple hardwood is an interesting species. It is used to make bowling pins, baseball bats, and even archery bows due to it's strength and stiffness. It's even the preferred wood to make butcher blocks. In short, maple is just a solid, hard surface; and if you're in the market for a hardwood floor, you might want to look up what's called the Janka Hardness Scale, which simply rates the hardness of wood. From California Redwood, to Brazilian Ebony; if you're looking for a hardwood surface for your home, you'll find out how much weight it can take with this scale. 

    What I thought was most interesting while looking up Maple, is that the part of the tree that produces syrup, is the same part that is harvested to produce hardwood floors. To me, that's just plain cool. A tree that is most widely known for the production of delicious, golden syrup, has been used to make a flooring product that is harder than Walnut, American Cherry, and even Oak. "Who knew, right?" The only question that remains is: Aunt Jamima, Log Cabin, or Maple Grove Farms All Natural?

    All bad jokes aside, if you're looking for a flooring surface with depth and richness, look no further; Nuvelle's Maple Midnight is a winner. If you're not sure what you're looking for, but like the sound of what you've just read, come in and take a look. Our showroom is open from 8am-5pm weekdays, and from 9am-4pm on Saturdays. Remember, you can afford having a dark floor in your home if you have lighter walls to keep the space from looking smaller than what it really is; and as much as I'd like to say it doesn't matter, the color of your furniture also plays an important role when choosing a flooring option. A dark cherry wood floor in a room with grey walls and a lime green couch will look awful. I'm not telling you to paint the walls of your home white and buy new furniture; I'm saying you should consider everything in the room you want to replace flooring in.  What color is the furniture in that room? What are color are the picture frames and other decor? What color are the walls? Will the flooring option you're considering tie well into the rest of the house? Whatever you're looking to do, the right combination of color and design, can create a warm and welcoming environment to any home.

    At the end of the day, the style you want for your home is up to you. Don't settle for something less, and be smart with what you have. Furniture is movable and decor is changeable; and while flooring is replaceable, the expense is MUCH greater. So take your time in choosing what you're going to walk on daily. Choose carefully, choose wisely, and swing into Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring center."


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