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To bathe or not to bathe

Added on March 10, 2016 by admin

    Well, which is it? Bathtub or no? That's the question that seems to continue to arise with all the kitchen and bath remodels home owners are doing these days. People are starting to steer away from traditional bathrooms and eliminating bathtubs from the scope of their home decor. I understand that part of the fun of life if the fact that you can experience and participate in what comes along as "trendy," and I advocate many different trends, but when is enough enough?

    A few weeks ago, my wife and I took a trip to beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We rented a cozy cabin in the mountains and curled up during the snowy nights when it seemed like a soft white blanket covered the ground. Like the modern trend, the bathroom in our quaint cabin lacked a bathtub; and if it weren't for the jacuzzi size bath tub in the open layout of the cabin outside the bathroom, we would have had a problem. A bathtub may not be a necessity for everyone, but for my wife and I, it most certainly is.

    As I wrote earlier, I like utilizing new trends, however this new "modern" trend that leaves bathtubs curbside instead of in the bathroom seems to be going a little too far; bathtubs just seem to practical to me. Are their children in your home? A bathtub comes in handy. Is your home an investment that you may want to eventually sell? You might want to keep your tub. DO YOU LIKE TO TAKE BATHS? You might want to reconsider your designers' modern creative tendencies and leave your bathtub in your bathroom.

    As a man, I'm not a huge fan of baths by candle light, or reading while in the tub. That just leads to a half empty bathtub, a cold shiver, and a wet book. I am, however, familiar with the idea of just taking a nice hot bath after a long day. It's soothing to unwind and let your head just soak in the still warm water as you close you eyes and let the back of your head hit bottom of the tub. Peaceful, and calm, the warm water seems to rejuvenate and relax you into a place where you can make it through the rest of your day with a second wind. This perk is reason enough to keep a bathtub around. Your bathtub may not get used everyday, but you'll miss it when it's gone.

    Like the 1980's dreaded perm, this new fad will surely fade away. Leave your home its resale value and sell-able attributes and leave your bathtub where it belongs; in the bathroom. A bathtub may not be reason enough to purchase a home, but it's definitely a reason not to; and giving potential purchasers a reason not to purchase your home if you're trying to sell is the exact opposite of what you want. And as I said before, if you want to go with that new modern trend without your tub, beware. You'll find that you used it enough to miss it. Trends are fun, but some you'll find can come around to bite you later on, and this one seems to be a butt-biter. If you're in the market for a new bathroom and you want to make the most of your money, swing into Wall to Wall and talk to somebody who actually knows what they're talking about. We'll stretch your dollar and give you an original look without compromising practicality. So come into Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring center," today.


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