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Floor Cleaning the Hard Way

Added on April 22, 2016 by admin

    Starting off, let me just say that if you have hardwood floors, don't use harsh chemical cleaners on them. That means no bleach, no rubbing alcohol, none of that. You can get away with those products on tile, but not on hardwood. How do I know? Lets just say that I've been reprimanded for using the wrong cleaning material on the wrong flooring surface before. Hardwood floors are a natural material that can and will be effected over time by whatever products they encounter; and while you can get away with harsh chemicals (for a time) on products like tile,  the chemicals you use can damage the floor you use them on if used too much.

    My favorite cleaning product for in home use is bleach. For some reason, I like the smell of my kitchen or bathroom after I've just bleached the floor or the shower walls. If clean has a smell, to me, it's bleach; however, long term use of bleach can erode certain materials such as grout, so don't be like me and use bleach sparingly when you're cleaning. If you want to avoid bleach all together, Bona Tile and Stone Cleaner is a reliable product that we promote here at Wall to Wall. Also, one way to minimize grout deterioration when cleaning a shower stall is to simply spray the shower grout lines 2-3 times per week with vinegar mixed with water. This will prevent mildew build up and is a natural way to clean. While this method might leave my nose a little sad, it will undoubtedly save some brain cells.

    Here at Wall to Wall, we suggest to customers purchasing hardwood floors from us to use Bona Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaner. While other products can leave a haze on their floors after "cleaning," we have found that Bona will stand up to any test. Its's a reliable product that we provide to all of our customers who purchase wood floors from us, at no charge, for long as the floor belongs to them. Besides that vinegar and water, or even Windex are suitable substitutes.

    As I am in the middle of typing this blog, an alarm on my phone went off telling me to "clean up" my work space and get ready to go home. Now that's funny. Let me conclude by saying that a little elbow grease, a terry cloth towel, and the right cleaning product will go a long way. So get some gloves on, and get ready to get clean. When you're done, our store will be sparkling and waiting for you. Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring center."


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