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Armstrong in the Vinyl game...

Added on July 24, 2015 by admin

    Since I've worked in the flooring industry, I've been able to notice different flooring company's strong points. Mirage makes a great hardwood product that is hard to beat. Mohawk is really moving to the forefront of the carpet industry with their revolutionary Smartstrand Forever Clean product. Happy Floors has several fantastic collections of full body porcelain tiles; and now Armstrong is putting in place a pretty impressive luxury vinyl product.
    I've written on Luxury Vinyl before, so I'll quickly review about the qualities of luxury vinyl products. First, luxury vinyl is 100% waterproof. Once fitted together, luxury vinyl doesn't let any water get through the cracks, simply because there are no cracks for any water to seep through. Second, luxury vinyl is extremely durable. It's soft enough to be comfortable, and can absorb a dumbbell being dropped on it without being permanently damaged. Third, it's hands down the easiest flooring product in the world to install. If you don't believe it, ask any flooring installer to see for yourself. Lastly, whether you want to install it yourself or have us do it for you, it's one of the least expensive flooring products to install. Armstrong's line of luxury vinyl has all of these characteristics, but it has a few more that make their product stand out.
    We sell a lot of luxury vinyl here at Wall to Wall. People love it, so we supply it; yet in all the vinyl fever, Armstrong has seemed to present a product that stands out. While most luxury vinyl floors are only perimeter glued and loose laid on the floor, Armstrong's luxury vinyl products are peel and stick; meaning you peel off the back of each piece, and stick it to the floor; so you don't need a trowel or perimeter glue. Some people will love this, and some people will shy away because they don't want to peel up one piece repeatedly if they make a mistake during installation; however, Armstrong's peel and stick loose lay luxury vinyl is made to be pulled up and put back in place repeatedly, if need be. The only factor that can really effect this product is whether the floor it's being laid on is clean or not. Sweep, mop, swiffer; whatever works for you; just make sure that the surface area the vinyl is being laid on is clean before install.
    The other factor that has made Armstrong's luxury vinyl stand out to me are the different styles they have. Like everyone, I have my own flooring preferences. I don't like too many options, and I don't care for designs that are too "busy," but this stuff looks fantastic. The styles are much different than what I've seen from other vinyl manufacturers, and even though every brand will have it's own particular selling point, this is a strong one for Armstrong; their product is stunning. Browsing images of their products online may give you an idea of their styles, but it just won't do them justice; and while I can tell you about my favorites all day long (like their Countryside Oak Gunstock that looks too real to believe, or their Concrete Structure Gotham City that has all the right color combinations for a modern space), unless you come in and see these products for yourself, you're not going to believe how great, or how real, a vinyl product can really look.
    Whether you're in the area or not, you're going to want to see these products. They're durable, beautiful, practical, and can go in just about any room you want; so don't put off your flooring project until you have some extra time; make the time for what's important. Let us help you get the ball rolling. Swing into, "Your one stop flooring center," today.


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