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Music to my feet

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Added on April 1, 2016 by admin

    Lately I've been listening to some broadway music, thanks in part to my sister who indoctrinated me with Les Miserables when I was only 11 years old. I find the melodies, the harmonizing, and the passion behind the voices singing to be moving. I listen to the words and wonder how some people cannot feel an ounce of emotion as the voices they hear surge with passion. The training it takes to develop the kind of talent that lands someone a spot in a broadway production is demanding, time consuming, and flat out hard; and the same way that a broadway play can be moving, the right floor in your home can move you as well. 

    When you have the right floor, your feet can seem to sing songs of gratitude as you walk on your them. Different floors undoubtedly have different characteristics, and just like the characters of a broadway play, each flooring product has it's own identity. Tile is cold and hard and can seem to be unforgiving as it sends chills through your body as you walk step by step; wood floors are solid and warm, making your feet comfortable and at home as they slide across the cozy surface; carpet is soft and can almost feel like walking on a cloud as you step one foot in front of the other. It's funny how just the thought of a warm, fuzzy carpet can almost make you feel warmer even when you sit in a cold office. Just letting your mind sit and think of the warmth you may feel by stretching out on a warm surface is comforting in itself.

    After working in the flooring industry for some time, I'm come to the conclusion that wood floors are my favorite type of flooring surface. Laminate is ok, though a bit noisy, and I like tile in the appropriate area's, but wood flooring, for me, takes the cake. I like the look it gives a home, and I enjoy the warmth it brings as well, even if it's a weaker wood. The feeling that I get underfoot when I walk on a wood floor is simply sublime. Like a crowd cheering at the end of a big musical number, my feet applaud the feeling of stepping on a wood floor. The only reason my wife and I don't have wood floors in our home now is because of the fact that we are renting! 

    My purpose in writing about wood floors and the effect they have on me personally is to ultimately get you, the reader, to ask yourself, when in all is said and done, what is your favorite kind of flooring surface, and what is stopping you from pursuing having it's installation in your home? Sometimes, one particular flooring surface just might not be practical, and sometimes lack of finances may plays role; if it's the latter of the two, we at Wall to Wall can lead you in the right direction to get financing so you can accomplish your dream flooring project.

    At the end of the day, what makes your feet sing? If you think of your toes stretching out and curling to grab the soft carpet fibers underneath them, I think you have your answer. If you love the idea of laying on chilling tile to ease the heat from a summer day, take a guess at what might be your ideal flooring. When you've discovered what that flooring option might be, and you want to talk about having that installed in your home, come swing by our Altamonte Springs showroom. We have plenty of flooring options to suit your needs and meet your expectations. So why wait? Come and stop into, "Your one stop flooring center today."