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Summer heat in Springtime

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Added on April 7, 2016 by admin

    If you live in southern states, you are well acquainted with the heat and humidity that seems unforgiving when winter rolls away and spring begins to set in. The heat begins to turn sweltering and the humidity amplifies the effects of the sun on every under it; still there is an ease to this discomfort, and it comes in either tile or wood form.   

    While living abroad over a decade ago, one of the things I used to enjoy doing  was to simply lay on the floor; no blanket, no shirt, just put my bare back against the cool, tile surface of our South African home. While summers in Florida might not be as harsh as the summers in Africa, hot is still hot; and the ways to ease the heat of the sun transcend the distance between two continents. In other words, if I had tile in my home, I would still do this. I don't know why, but I enjoy the feeling of my back against even a room temperature tile; and funny enough, I get the same effect from a wood flooring surface. Both of these products tend to cut the heat during the summer months; whether or not you lay on them.

    We all know the basic principle that heat rises. One principle that you might not be aware of, however, is that carpet fibers absorb more heat than tile or wood surfaces. There are very technical explanations for this, none of which I understand, so let me just sum up and say that even though a tile or wood floor might be the same temperature as a carpet floor, the tile or wood will always feel like a cooler surface; and when you walk on something that is cooler in the midst of heat, you'll appreciate that cooling surface. What makes this also a plus, is that during the season when your air conditioning unit is running, your electric bill won't skyrocket as much due to the fact that the chill indoors will take to your flooring surface easier. 

    Why all the fuss about hardwood and tile floors? Well for starters, they're great products. They increase the value of your home, and give a sense of warmth, even when the floors bring a nice chill to your feet. Secondly,  it was my wife's idea; and I'm smart enough to know that she's smarter than me. Third, hardwood floors and tile floors are our best sellers. We sell a fair amount of carpet as well, but I just want t o draw some attention to my favorite products. 

    So when the summer heat starts to get to you, and the a.c. bill has steadily increased, why not add some value to your home? A flooring project that has either hardwood or tile involved will do just that. It may cost a little now, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives on this one. You can either give us a call, or check out our website online for some of the deals we have currently. So whenever's convenient for you, swing into Wall to Wall Flooring Specialists, Inc, "Your one stop flooring center."