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Blue Mountain Majesty

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Added on April 15, 2016 by admin

    Singer, song-writer Brandon Heath reminded me of something today; he reminded me of how much I loved my vacation in Tennessee a few months ago. The quiet country feel, the mountain terrain, the rugged way that the winding roads feel as you walk up and down them, the log cabins and their hardwood floors inside; the country just feels home. The funny thing is that although I was born in Oklahoma, I've never really been a country kinda guy until I married my wife ; and I gotta say, she won me over.

    The good ole country feelin' my wife and I love isn't everyone's cup of tea. All too many people today want the quick service, high speed internet lifestyle that tends to surround everything we have and do in this day and age. Are you hungry? There's take out. Do you want some coffee? Have some instant and mix it with your microwaved, boiling hot water. Do you hate commercials on tv? Watch the on demand channel. While all these things (besides the instant coffee) can be good, we tend to focus so much on them that we forget the little things like having hobbies. Kids today tend to play more Minecraft than they do draw; or substitute running around outside for an evening talking to Facebook "friends." The simple life has gotten so complicated that you can't seem to differentiate simple from overwhelming; but that's where the latest, lasting flooring trend might be able to help.

    All too often people come into Wall to Wall asking for a hand scraped wood floor. The glossy trend has faded away, and this new, yet reliable trend has taken it's place, and it appears for the long haul. Hand scraped and distressed wood floors are creeping up on the purchasing public. People want that country feel with the fast pace of a modern America; and they're getting just that. People are walking into houses that feel like homes now; characterized by distressed, hand scraped hardwood floors that are being installed country wide. People may want the latest trend, but they long for something that is lasting, and while a floor may not be the answer to their soul's deepest longing, it is something that will be warm and lasting in their homes.

    One of the most common hand scraped, distressed flooring surface is oak. It's a warm, solid surface that will never fade with failing fashions. Generally speaking, when someone is thinking of wood floors, they think of an oak floor, knots and all. Still, when you put an oak flooring surface next to an acacia, or a hickory sample, it is noticeable that each species has its own characteristics. Acacia looks like someone made a cappuccino and swirled the froth atop it in with the coffee itself, leaving a beautiful design, and put it on a hard surface. It's quite different to any other hardwood flooring surface you will find. Hickory looks similar to the spiking beat on the screen of a heart monitor that you would find in an emergency room. Each wood is unique, and the more you study each one, the easier it will be for you to differentiate one from another. 

    The right flooring surface for you, the customer, is always going to vary; and so will that flooring's effect on you. I love hardwood floors due to the fact that they take me mentally to a place that is simpler; slower; more graceful; where there are open fields and running horses. Still, some of you prefer tile floors because you prefer a chill on a hot day and live in the south. Some prefer the cushion of carpet because of the ease it gives the bones in your feet. Whatever your reason for enjoying whatever flooring you prefer, when you're ready to have something installed in your home, call us at Wall to Wall. We have sales on hickory hardwood, luxury vinyl, carpet, tile, and can get beautiful products at reasonable rates. So slow down your day, take a trip out of state, and walk you feet onto the flooring surfaces we have in store. Wall to Wall, "Your one stop flooring Center."